debbie's list

To a U.S. Special Forces Paratrooper the most important person in their life before jumping out of an airplane at 10,000 feet, is the person that packed their parachute.

On a daily basis, the following people have been packing my parachute and are responsible for where I am today. I trust them with both my personal and business life without hesitation. You should too!

Chuck Frantjeskos
Frantjeskos Custom Painting - 517-974-5313
He creates impeccable beauty and possesses mad skills.

Jim Brophy
Professional Duct Cleaners of Michigan - 517-545-5865
He saves people for a living. In his spare time he takes his hero uniform off and is the best heating, air conditioning, duct cleaning and certified indoor environmentalist-Ever!

Jacky Wray CPA
J and J Business Services - 810-229-2020
She guides and counsels me to ensure my success. I trust her with my money and my life. She is the lordess of the ledgers!

Michael Petcou
Computers Complete - 810-225-9471
Early mornings, late nights, Mike takes care of me whenever I have a computer problem. He is faster than calling 911!

Alyce D. Riemenschneider
Riemenschneider Design Associates - 810-229-5501
She seduced every one of our senses by creating the design, beauty and vision at Breathe!

Tom Reason
Solar Graphics - 734-891-1375
They print or embroider everything under the sun at the speed of light.

Stacie Jenson
Stacie Jenson Photography - 734-756-2130
She shoots people and her eye is dead on. Need I say more?

Joe, Jackie, Ann and the rest of the team
Stillwater - 810-225-1800
After a long day of work, they give me food, drink and nourish my soul with their smiles and hugs. Exceptional food, exceptional service and exceptional friends!

Steve Russell and Derek Crandall
MobileHippo - 810-844-1801
Website Design and Internet Marketing by MobileHippo. Your future customers are literally around the corner, and MobileHippo can get them in the door.

Jim Wald
Attorney at Law - 517-518-0576
He protected me and continues to protect me. Like the bodyguard.

Joanne Giardini-Russell
Insurance Planning - 810-599-7116
Just in case Iron Man, Thor, and Captain America fail, Joanne has made sure that I am protected as well as my family, and my team at Breathe Salon, by a reputable company at a great price. Joanne is the one I call when the Avengers fail.

Every member of our team here at Breathe Salon
Each one of you brings a unique gift and caring love that allows us to function as one. I love you and could not have done this without you!

Our Clients
None of this is possible without each and every one of you! Thank you! From each one of us at Breathe!